Home solutions

Purchasing and installation

CHC Solutions can provide and install the hardware or software you require. We try our best to provide our clients with a competitive quote that suits your requirements. If you choose to source your hardware or software yourself we are happy to install, configure and support it for you.

PCs for home office, multimedia, and games

When buying a new PC it is difficult to know how much to spend. We recommend that you plan your requirements - an entry level PC may be a bad investment if you find yourself playing graphics-intensive computer games or memory- and processor-intensive video editing further down the line.

Contact CHC Solutions so we can work out which is the best PC for your needs and order it from reputable European channels at very competitive prices.

Here is a list of customisations to help give an idea of what you may want:

  • Add card slots for your digital camera memory cards
  • Add firewire ports to allow streaming from your video camera
  • Add windows media centre for easy handling of music pictures and movies
  • Add a TV tuner and remote control to watch and record TV programs
  • Add portable harddrive or DVDRW for backups
  • Networking allows sharing of printers scanners music pictures and internet
  • Game players may prefer noisier and more power hungry graphics cards for maximum performance
  • Musicians may prefer sound cards with more advanced functionality.
  • Graphic designers and photographers may prefer larger high definition displays
  • Computers for the sitting room or where space is limited may need to be especially small or quiet


Wired and wireless networking

Networking allows you to share printers and your internet connection between PCs.

Wired networks are much faster than wireless networks, although for small file and internet connection sharing the difference in speed is unnoticeable.

Wireless networks are good if you want the freedom to move around within your home with your laptop and still have access to the printers and the internet. The effectiveness of a wireless network depends on several factors:

  • The distance between wireless access point and peripherals
  • Construction of the building
  • The sort of data that will be transmitted over the network


More specialised devices for games or for use over distances are available, as well as many different types of aerial.