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Purchasing and installation

I want CHC Solutions to install my new system that I purchased elsewhere, is this possible?

Yes, you can purchase from wherever you choose, although we can supply hardware competitively. Even if on some occasions we cannot match another suppliers' offer there may turn out to an overall cost benefit from purchasing the complete solution from us.

Broadband and Email

Your broadband is the cheapest I have seen, why is that?

The broadband service providers CHC Solutions is partnered with have greater network capacities and better customer service than their competitors. We can sell broadband below the market rates because of efficient business practises.

Do I have a minimum contract period?

This depends on the type of connection you buy from us, however most of our services do not have a minimum contract period. If you are unsure please contact us.

Telephone bill reduction (VoIP)


Customer maintenance advice

There are a few routine maintenance tasks you can do to increase your PC's hardware longevity and software performance.
  • Keep dust out of the fans - dust can clog the vents and build up in the fans. This restricts airflow, which can lead to misbehaviour or physical damage due to over heating. To help lower the risk of this occurring you can run a vacuum cleaner over the rear vents when cleaning your carpet.
  • Virus Scans - If you have a virus checker make sure it is up to date, if your subscription has expired or you do not have one I recommend getting AVG Free for non commercial use from free.grisoft.com.
  • Spyware scans - Spyware can be as problematic as viruses, whether it designed to collect information to sell to marketing companies or to purposefully direct your internet activity for marketing purposes. To do this it mostly hooks itself into your web browser and re-writes your internet connection settings. I recommend you download Microsoft Antispyware from download.Microsoft.com to combat and infection and prevent it from happening in the future.