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Automatic data backups

What is Datasure?

CHC Solutions Datasure offers a secure, easy-to-use online service for backing up your business-critical data on your PC. Datasure also enables you to recover lost data and business files, anytime, anywhere. The backups run at prescheduled times, automaticly keeping your data up to date without your interaction. The service protects against disasters - from system crashes and virus attackes to theft, fire and flood.

CHC Solutions Datasure offers:

  • A secure, easy-to-use service for backing up their critical data
  • A backup system that enables you to recover lost critical data


  • 50% of businesses that lose their data in a disaster close down
  • 10% of laptops are stolen every year
  • Over 40% of data isn't properly backed up each night

Just a few reasons why effective data backup and recovery is 100% essential.

Datasure products range from the entry 300MB, to 10,000MB and start from as little as £4.50 per month for CHC internet services customers.

To sign up for for a Datasure backup product please call on 0870 141 7242

*Prices start from L6 per month for non CHC internet services customers