About Us

About us

Mission statement

CHC Solutions is distinguished by good ethical conduct and dedication to its clients' interests.

CHC Solutions offers the complete range of IT services for home and business clients. If there is equipment or a service we cannot provide directly, CHC can source and broker the deal with the most suitable provider. The client has one contact for all IT needs.

CHC Solutions provides reliable, cost-effective IT and personal computer support services.

How are we different to any other IT service provider?

Many IT companies are unnecessarily expensive to the client. Some companies are poorly structured and charge higher rates, not for their superior service, but for their poor efficiency. Some charge what they think you, the customer, can afford rather than a realistic charge based on the value of the services rendered.

It is important to keep up with the range of maturing technologies in order to continue to offer cost saving solutions to the client.

Profile - David Hardwick - Proprietor

Since 2000 I have been supporting homes and businesses as a consultant and service engineer.  My experience in the industry has been gathered from working with small consultancies, business network support providers, business internet service providers and helpdesk support in global corporations.